List of Figures

Figure 1: Location of Iberomaurusian open-area sites within the lower Isser valley

Figure 2: Cross-section north-south of excavated area (Brahimi 1970, 113)

Figure 3: Quaternary formations of the lower Isser valley (Chemlal 1983)

Figure 4: Map of local and regional geological formations

Figure 5: Thin-sections of flint samples

Figure 6: X-ray diffraction analysis of Lias and Eocene flint samples

Figure 7: Amount of cortex on imported lithics

Figure 8: Two knapped core samples (drawings by L. Sari)

Figure 9: Partial refitting schema of flint pebble

Figure 10: Courbet-Marine lithic assemblage (Brahimi 1970)

Figure 11: Figure 11: Backed bladelets showing impact fractures. A - step-terminated bending fracture associated with deep crushed removals hinge and step terminated. B - Lateral bending fracture step-terminated (Sari L., photos and drawings)

List of Tables

Table 1: Lithic raw material categories

Table 2: Tool group distribution by blank type


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