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Figure 1: Location of Parc Bryn Cegin and principal sites mentioned in the text.

Figure 2: Plan of excavations at Parc Bryn Cegin showing location of Neolithic timber structure and pit groups.

Figure 3: Examples of polished Graig Lwyd pieces from Parc Bryn Cegin. SF1097 and SF1341 are first removal ovoid medallion-type flakes from a polished object; SF113 and SF70 are polished axe fragments; SF24.1, SF28.3, SF51.1, SF66.1, SF798, SF1037 and SF1042.1 are reduction flakes with polish; SF1167 and SF1225 are micro-flakes with polish; SF2 is a large reduction flake, possibly a tranchet axe-sharpening specimen. SF109 and SF1346 are, respectively, a retouched flake and a crude side scraper, both made on a non-Graig Lwyd stone similar to the Mynydd Rhiw source (Group XXI).

Figure 4: The contents of pit FB 151 at Henge B, Llandygai. Blade fragment of Graig Lwyd axe (1); Graig Lwyd reduction flakes with polished surfaces (5-8) – note specimen (5) as a first removal flake approximating to the ovoid medallion-type; unpolished Graig Lwyd reduction flakes (9, 11-16); struck and utilised flakes of flint (3, 17-27); unpolished flake of fine-grained tuff (10). (Reproduced by kind permission of Archaeologia Cambrensis.)

Figure 5: Examples of polished Graig Lwyd pieces from Bryn yr Hen Bobl.

List of Tables

Table 1: Bryn Cegin and Llandygai I site contexts and radiocarbon dates.


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