List of Figures

Figure 1a: Brandwijk: long end-scraper of imported flint with well-developed hide-working traces (drawing C. Dijkstra)

Figure 1b: Use-wear traces from hide-working (original magnification x200)

Figure 2a: Brandwijk: flakes and blades of locally available flint (photograph J. Pauptit, Leiden)

Figure 2b: Brandwijk: use-wear polish from plant processing seen on one of the locally produced blades (original magnification x200)

Figure 3: Exotic flint of 'Michelsberg signature' from the wetland site of Schipluiden (photograph B. Grishaver, Leiden University)

Figure 4: Schipluiden: borer of southern flint, most likely used to drill jet (photograph B. Grishaver, Leiden University)

Figure 5: Ypenburg: ornaments from the cemetery (photograph Q. Bourgois, Leiden)

Figure 6: Schipluiden: strike-a-lights and a nodule of pyrite (photograph B. Grishaver, Leiden University)

Figure 7: Ypenburg: imported flint used to harvest cereals and subsequently burned, broken and rubbed with ochre (photograph Q. Bourgois, Leiden)


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