2. The Geological Context

Harker (1894; 1895) petrologically and geochemically documented the Carrock Fell Complex in two classic papers. These early descriptions and interpretations have been re-investigated by several workers, including Eastwood et al. (1968), Hunter (1980), and Hunter and Bowden (1990). O'Brien et al. (1985) have documented the geochemical signature of the gabbro and granophyre in a more general discussion of the Lake District granitic intrusions; these data were used for comparison. More recently, Harris and Dagger (1987) have reviewed earlier interpretations of the emplacement mechanism of the complex, using a range of analytical techniques including palaeomagnetic data. Further fieldwork and mapping (Fig. 2) resulted in the sourcing of Group XXXIV to the south-eastern flanks of Carrock Fell (Fell and Davis 1988).

Figure 2

Figure 2: Geological map of Carrock Fell showing sampling sites and transects


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