List of Figures

Figure 1: Carrock Fell location map (after Pearson 1996).

Figure 2: Geological map of Carrock Fell showing sampling sites and transects.

Figure 3: Zr v Y plot for Carrock fell (corrected PXRF data) to illustrate geochemical clustering of different rock types within the Carrock Fell Complex.

Figure 4: Photograph of moderately well-developed cm scale felsic and mafic banding (NGR: 347 328).

Figure 5: Photograph of well-developed dm scale mafic and felsic banding, with cm scale felsic clustering in the mafic horizon (NGR: 355 325).

Figure 6: Sr-Y-Zr ternary plots of corrected implement data and Carrock Fell rock data (TERNPLOT – Marshall 1996).

Figure 7: Photomicrograph of implement Lindale-in-Cartmel axe.

Figure 8: Photomicrograph of Workington mace head (C80).

Figure 9: Photomicrograph of Garlands mace head (C81).

Figure 10: Dispersal map of Group XXXIV implements.

Figure 11: Photomicrograph of typical Carrock Fell Gabbro rock (CRF 005).

Figure 12: Photomicrograph of two typical textures in Group XXXIV rock (CF 17-14).


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