The Stone Tool Industry of Hac Sa, Macau, China

Vin Davis1 and Roy Sit Kai Sin2

1. IPG and Macau Inter University Institute, China. Email:
2. Macau Museum, Macau, China.

Cite this as: Davis, V. and Roy Sit Kai Sin 2009 The Stone Tool Industry of Hac Sa, Macau, China, Internet Archaeology 26.


This article considers some archaeological, geological and petrographical aspects of stone implements from a sand dune site in south-eastern China. A sample of preform, ground and polished stone implements from Macau, Coloane and Taipa are considered in relation to the archaeological landscape of the Zhujiang (Pearl River) estuary. Particular attention is focused on evidence for the manufacturing technology of ornamental stone, jade and quartz rings. The possibility of selective exploitation of jade (quartz), which occurs locally as veins within the granitic outcrops, for tool and ring manufacture, and its relationship to mineralogical and textural characteristics, is considered. It is planned that more stone tools from Macau will be examined during 2009-12.

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