4. Material Culture

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4.5 Ceramic objects

D. Hurst

Two weights of Iron Age date were recovered, one complete and one very fragmentary. The complete example was retrieved from pit 0098 and was a relatively unusual shape in an evenly sandy fabric weighing about 900g (Fig. 42); a similarly shaped example with a single perforation, though more rounded in overall form, was found at Beckford (Hurst in prep. b). Another weight fragment (1502) in a finer fabric could not be assigned to a particular form-type. Such weights are a typical component of Iron Age artefact assemblages, and were usually made locally, in which case the variety of fabrics suggests that the Blackstone Iron Age inhabitants had access to a range of local clay sources, though it is equally possible that this variety also represents more evidence for the importation of objects from beyond the site.

Figure 42

Figure 42: Ceramic weight.

The remaining object was a clay marble of late post-medieval or modern date from the topsoil.


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