5.3.2 Question 3 response Type B

More unexpected were the prolific responses of postgraduate participants from outside the archaeological discipline primarily connecting the material presented to their own discipline and/or research. For example:

'It raises the question of how often when studying history or literature, we project our own intellectual-orientated centre onto others without really thinking about it. Studies like this provide a unique opportunity for those of us who are not archaeologists to engage with something we otherwise might not — the material, bodily world — without having to become an expert.'

'It made me think a lot about my own studies. I really enjoyed the approach and thought how limiting purely textual study can be. But it also really brought to life Robert Burns' poems about being on the stool — and his defiance of it. Also made me think about Marshall McLuhan's claims about the 'Gutenberg Universe', that humans experienced the world differently after the printing press.'

'I'd like to find a way to incorporate elements of this approach, particularly the interchangeable chapters, into my work. At first I thought it was a cop out but then I realised how much work it must be to write chapters that can be read that way!'


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