5.5.2 Identifying and discussing consistency and contradiction across responses

More uniform responses were recorded for those chapters dealing with specific artefacts. For example, the following responses were recorded for the chapter on branks:

'Branks - divergence between their physical reality (cold, harsh, painful) with their less realised role, psychological.'

'Brankit Bitch, Matthew 8-18 helpful for this shaming experience - shame for yourself, shame for what your offence (by your tongue) has done for the community.'


'Brankit Bitch verse'

'St Andrews Branks. Brankit Bitch. Psalm 32-9'

'brankit bitch'

'brankit bitch'

However, it was in the most uniform chapters in which the starkest contradictions between individual participants and overall group trends became apparent, with one individual in this case stating:

'Images included went well - in point of fact, images from [Collage Pack] B that could be associated, i.e. horse and 'brankit bitch' might take away from intent.'

Variation in overall preferences across the group also varied considerably. In the questionnaire responses, one participant stated: '...certain chapters felt far more in tune with the images provided. Of course, this is likely my own bias, but I felt the word art was generally less effective. The "repentance" word art, however, might serve as a good introduction.' Across the total recorded responses, biblical passages were chosen as the most useful images 19 times.


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