Settore X

Paolo Brocato

The trench, located near settore IX (Figure 34), corresponds to a square well cutting the southern tufo stylobate, approximately 1.00 x 1.00m in size. On 13 June 1979, the well was emptied of water in preparation for the excavation (AFSRCM, S. Omobono, b. 31, 5, cc. 4051.201). The recorded depth of the top of the deposits is 3m from the pavement of slabs. The bottom of the fill was reached at 3.75m and the central section was excavated; traces of the shuttering were preserved on the faces. At 3.85m, the bottom paving, of cocciopesto (lime mortar with crushed pottery) and red mortar, was reached. In addition to sherds of medieval pottery, half of a bucchero cup was recovered. Below the floor was a layer of soil, at a depth of approximately 4.35m (these elements are represented in some sketches of the section of the well with measurements; AFSRCM, S. Omobono, b. 31, 5, cc. 4051. 203 e 205). It was tentatively suggested that this layer corresponded to the destruction level of the Archaic temple. The well itself was interpreted as a medieval structure. On 18 September, Colini proposed to resume the excavation; once begun, however, it was interrupted for safety reasons owing to the collapse of one of the faces (AFSRCM, S. Omobono, b. 31, 5, cc. 4051.213).

The trench is currently still open.


The well is one of a series of features pertaining to the 'post-Classical' phases of the site, which are rather densely distributed in those areas where they were not removed during excavation.


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