E-monograph Series. No. 28

Depicting the gods: metal figurines in Roman Britain

Emma Durham

Department of Archaeology, University of Reading. Email: emma.durham@arch.ox.ac.uk

Cite this as: Durham, E. 2012 Depicting the gods: metal figurines in Roman Britain, Internet Archaeology 31. https://doi.org/10.11141/ia.31.2


Composite images of figurines

This article introduces the types of figurines found in Roman Britain. Over 1000 figurines of Late Iron Age or Roman date are known from Britain, but there has been no consideration of the group as a whole. While many individual pieces have been published in excavation reports or as notes, many more remain largely unpublished and unknown. The publication of this corpus makes the data available to a wide audience, and in particular those involved in the study of Roman material culture. While the majority of figurines are of copper alloy, there is a small number in other metals including iron and lead. The figurines from Britain comprise a wide range of types depicting Roman and Gallo-Roman deities, human figures, birds and animals. The spatial and social distribution of the major types will also be discussed.


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