There is more scholarship concerning the subjects of this article than it is possible to cite, but we do want to acknowledge a broad intellectual indebtedness especially to the work and knowledge of M.E. Aubet, P. Bartoloni, E. Koch, E. Lipiński, F. Lo Schiavo, G. Markoe, I. Morris, H.G. Niemeyer, J.D. Muhly, A. Sherratt and S. Sherratt, A. Snodgrass, and L. Vagnetti, although our particular viewpoints may vary. We would like to thank A. Brody and A. Gilboa for their interest in and support of the work as it has been taking shape, and especially Hava Katz, whose dedicated professionalism made the research possible. Above all, the investments of Miriam S. Balmuth, with whom this work was begun before her passing in 2004, and to whose memory it is dedicated, are foundational. Sampling, photographs and research in general were possible because of the generosity of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Archaeological Staff Officer of Judea and Samaria, the Israel Museum and the excavators. Artifact photos taken at the time of sampling appear here; IAA photographs are not currently available. Funding raised for the Hacksilber Project by Balmuth and Thompson was provided by INSTAP, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the National Endowment of the Humanities, the Luther I. Replogle Foundation, the American Schools of Oriental Research, the American Numismatic Society, the Royal Numismatic Society, UCLA, the University of Akron, the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem and private sources. Z.A. Stos-Gale of Oxford University's Isotrace Laboratory applied RLAHA funds towards some of the costs of generating raw data from TIMS and ED XRF. S. Skaggs calculated the growth curves, Skaggs and Thompson prepared the table of consistencies and discussion of the growth curves, and Thompson authored the sample-set, bi-plots and text.


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