We are indebted to the 400+ individuals who took the time to complete our survey and to share with us their personal - and often very distressing - experiences. Our research has also been supported by many friends, family and colleagues, and we extend especial thanks to Graeme Earl, Stephanie Moser, Tom Smith, Catriona Cooper, Katrina Foxton, Pat Hadley, Colleen Morgan, Lorna Richardson, Brenna Hassett, Holly Wright, Martin Carver, Peter Campbell, the IT service teams at both the Universities of York and Southampton, and the attendees of our presentations in Rochester in September 2013 and in York/Southampton on 8 November 2013. We hope that this research stands as a springboard for change.

This work was generously supported by grants from the Digital Humanities hub at the University of Southampton, the World University Network, and the Centre for Modern Studies at the University of York (UK).