List of Figures

Figure 1: Location of Urubici in southern Brazil.

Figure 2: Panoramic view of the Avencal 1 engravings, with the panel numbering employed here.

Figure 3: Data capture in progress at Panel 2. Note black reflective sphere to the right of the subject.

Figure 4: Polynomial texture map of Panel 1A with the surface normals extracted and visualised (bookmark 1).

Figure 5: Comparison of Panel 3A PTM (left), lit with raking light from top-right (bookmark 2) and original plan by Rohr (1971) (right).

Figure 6: Comparison of Panel 5 and plan. Normal raking light from bottom-left of image (bookmark 1).

Figure 7: Surface normals visualisation of Panel 3A, showing the curvature of the cliff face (bookmark 4).

Figure 8: Panel 3C. Top (bookmark 1): 'Blank' panel under even light. Bottom (bookmark 2): the same section re-lit with specular enhancement showing previously unrecorded engraving.

Figure 9: The sequence of engraving in Panel 7A. Main PTM is lit from above with normal light. Inset 1 (bookmark 1): Line C is cut by B. Inset 2 (bookmark 2): Line C is cut by E and F. Inset 3 (bookmark 3): Line D is cut by A. Inset 4 (bookmark 4): Lines E and F begin from the edge of A.

Figure 10: Sketch plan of Panel 7A, derived from tracing the PTM in the sequence identified in the text.

Figure 11: Annotated detail of Panel 4A under normal light, and insets with specular enhancement applied. Inset 1 (bookmark 1): Line C begins from edge of B. Inset 2 (bookmark 2): Line D cuts over the line of C, which continues into the area highlighted. Inset 3 (bookmark 3): Line A cuts D. Inset 4 (bookmark 4): Lines E and G cut into F.

Figure 12: Sketch plan of Panel 4A, showing the sequence of engraving derived from the PTM dataset in the sequence discussed in the text.

Figure 13: Detail of Panel 1A. L-R: Normal light (bookmark 2), diffuse gain (bookmark 3) and specular enhancement with raking light from right (bookmark 4), highlighting differences in surface texture.


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