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4.2.3 Grey Bucchero

Grey bucchero was only found in one fabric.

Forms Types
Bowl Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6
Jar Type 1


Type 1

Tronco-conical bowl with a plain rim. Doganella Grey Bucchero bowl type 1; cf. Doganella coarseware 1 bowl type 2 (Perkins and Walker 1990, fig.32.3). Date late 6th-5th century.

Type 2

Hemispherical bowl with plain incurving rim.


Fig. 16. Bowl type 2
© P Perkins 1997

Cf. Doganella coarseware 1 bowl type 1 (Perkins and Walker 1990, fig.27.5, 32.12): also published from Doganella, Michelucci 1984, 384, No.14, fig.3. Date late 6th-5th century.

Type 3

Slightly carinated bowl with gently flaring thickened rim. Doganella Grey Bucchero bowl type 3 (Perkins and Walker 1990, 26, fig.26). Date 5th century.

Type 4

Slightly carinated bowl with a beaded rim.


Fig. 17. Bowl type 4
© P Perkins 1997

A very similar piece has been published from Doganella (Michelucci 1984, 385, No.15, fig.3); cf. Rasmussen 1979 Bowl type 3. Date 5th century.

Type 5

Turned up foot ring, probably from a bowl. On the underside of the foot ring is an ante cocturam graffito consisting of two incised lines forming a ´V´.


Fig. 18. Bowl type 5
© P Perkins 1997

Date 5th century.

Type 6

Low foot ring paralleled in impasto, cf. Fig. Date late 6th-5th century.


Type 1

Everted, thickened and rolled rim, cf. Doganella coarseware 1 jar type 4, cf. Perkins and Walker 1990, 36, fig.30.5. Date late 6th-5th century.

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