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4.3.22 Wasters


This group is used for sherds which were clearly overfired or deformed; where the original fabric was identifiable it is given in the database table.

Forms Types
Bowls Type 1, Type 15
Jars Type 2, Type 16, Type 17


Type 1

Shallow bowl with sharp carination and flaring rim, cf. Fig.

Impasto bowl type 9. Paralleled in Montanari 1929, IV Pl.10 No.4. Date: mid 7th century.

Type 15

Carinated bowl with an everted rim with a groove on the upper surface, cf. Fig.


Type 2

Plain everted rim with or without lid seating (cf. Perkins and Walker 1990, fig. 29.9-10).

Type 16

Incurving wall with up-turned and thickened rim, similar to type 6 (cf. Perkins and Walker 1990, fig. 31.1).


Fig. 137. Jar type 16
© P Perkins 1997

Type 17

Everted rim with slight hook and sharp angles, cf. Fig. (similar to Coarseware 1 jar type 5, Perkins and Walker 1990, fig. 30.8-12).

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