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4.4.5 Amphora fabric 1: Etruscan amphorae

This Etruscan fabric is similar to the fabric made at Doganella (ADOG).

Type 1

Amphora with no distinct neck and slightly up-turned rim with handles rising from the top of the rim and arching to join the body at the shoulder.


Fig. 140. Amphora type 1
© P Perkins 1997

The fabric of the handle is coarser than the body. The rim is similar to Doganella type 4 amphorae, although the handles rise directly from the rim. This is not common in Etruscan Amphorae but is standard in jugs.

Amphora Base

Doganella Type 4

Flat base cf. Fig. (cf. Perkins and Walker 1990, fig. 40.10).

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