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5.9 Methodological and archaeological conclusions about the Michelsberg sites

Using the Multi Dimensional Scaling technique is a way of arranging the segment diagrams in such a way as to reveal the underlying structure in the data. Assumptions and choices made in the calculations, such as the choice for the dissimilarity coefficient or the dimension of the resulting graph, do influence the results. The choice for MDS, over a cluster or factor analysis that may also reduce the information to fewer dimensions, is important as well. The MDS-diagrams are therefore only supplemental to the graphic display in table-like format and on the distribution map.

Archaeologically, the observed distinction between sites with pointed blades and sites with macrolithic artefacts may possibly not be very essential. Both groups concern small sites with often only a single guide artefact. Site 52E-121 would fit into this combined group, in that case. The second group consists of sites with a larger range of artefact types and a large quantity of debris. Site 52E-188 may possibly be counted among this group as well, thanks to the pottery. Yet the two large sites remain exceptional in this group. Finally, there is the group of four sites with isolated arrowheads.


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