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5.4 Segment diagrams and maps

The segment diagrams (5.3) with progressive ordinal classes are in a way a graphic representation of the artefact composition in a table format (Table 8, 4.1). The same segment diagrams can also be projected onto a map of the core region of Venray, providing an instant impression of site types and their spatial context. The two large, varied, Michelsberg sites are in the eastern part of the research area, close by the River Meuse. Two of the three intermediate sites (52B-168 and 52B-192) have an almost similar artefact composition and are located more inland. The other intermediate site (52E-188) has a different composition, because of the presence of pottery, but is somewhat closer to the river again. The small, hardly varied, sites are scattered all over the core region.

[Michelsberg sites in Venray]
Fig. 42 The Michelsberg sites in Venray: segment diagrams on the distribution map (click on the cluster of segment diagrams on the map to see more details)


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