Table 67. Non-red hill sites in Essex with over twenty sherds of briquetage
Site No. of sherds Notes Reference
Heybridge, Elms Farm 6641 Includes 61 fragments from firebars Tyrrell, this volume
Goldhanger, Chigborough Farm 583 Includes about 32 firebar fragments. Major 1998, 164
Ardleigh, Elms Park 281 Probably all from vessels Major 1999, 157
Stifford Clays 270 M/LIA pot-shaped forms Barford 1988
North Stifford, Ardale School c. 240 M/LIA; possible pedestal fragment Barford 1988
Kelvedon, site KL77A 202 No firebars Unpublished (E.C.C)
Stansted, Airport Catering site 136 Late C1 BC - early C1 AD. No firebars. Major 2004c
Witham, Maltings Lane 102 One pedestal fragment Unpublished (E.C.C)
Grays, Palmers School c. 90 Late C2-C4. Includes firebars. Rodwell 1983, 33
Goldhanger, Slough House Farm 56 One possible firebar Major 1998, 164
Stanway 29 From cemetery Pers. comm. N. Crummy
Burnham-on-Crouch, Maple Lodge 28 Sealey 1995
Kelvedon, site KL77C 28 No firebars Unpublished (E.C.C)
Heybridge, Crescent Road 26 Probably has firebar fragments. Wickenden 1986, 52