Seeing Beneath Stonehenge was funded by a Google Factual Research Award. The authors would like to offer their gratitude to Google and, in particular, Ed Ruben, Raleigh Seamster, Karin Tuxen-Bettman, Phil Verney, and Wei Luo who gave valuable advice and support during the construction and deployment of the application. Google Earth images are reproduced with permission of Google Earth. We are very grateful for the care and assistance given by Sally Gates, and her colleagues in the Marketing and Communications team at Bournemouth University. Jake Gilmore at the Arts and Humanities Research Council also provided valuable help in publicising the application. We are also very grateful to the anonymous referee for insightful comments. Finally we extend our sincere thanks to all of those who supported and funded the Stonehenge Riverside Project, and in particular the hundreds of staff, students and volunteers who worked on it. Without them, Seeing Beneath Stonehenge would not have been possible.