List of Figures

Figure 1: Industry 7B Type 2 jar from Worth temple (Lyne 1994, Fig.52)

Figure 2: Industry 7B Type 9 bowl from Richborough (Lyne 1994, Fig.52)

Figure 3: Industry 7B Type 10 dish/bowl from Worth cemetery (Lyne 1994, Fig.52)

Figure 4: Palaeochristian greyware bowl of Rigoir Form 17 (1968) from Pevensey (Lyne 2009, Fig.32-28)

Figure 5: Sigillee Paleochretienne bowl of Rigoir Form 15A decorated with type 880 stamps (1968) from Pevensey (Lyne 2009, Fig.32-27)

Figure 6: Rim fragment from Macedonian Greyware bowl of Anderson-Stojanovic's Form 2 (1992) from Pevensey (Lyne 2009,Fig.32-29)

Figure 7: Sand-and-grog tempered jar from Pevensey (Lyne 2009, Fig.32-7)

Figure 8: Beaded-and-flanged bowl in similar fabric from Pevensey (Lyne 2009, Fig.30-19)

Figure 9: Deep convex-sided dish in similar fabric from Pevensey (Lyne 2009, Fig.30-35)

Figure 10: Jar fragment in similar fabric with wyrm stamps from Frost Down, Beachy Head (Lyne 1994, Fig.34, redrawn from Rudling 1982, Fig. 52-150)

Figure 11: Convex-sided dish with spaced bosses in Hampshire Grog-Tempered Ware, from Portchester (Fulford 1975, Type 114)

Figure 12: Convex-sided dish with spaced bosses in local greyware, from Bishop's Court Rectangle, Dorchester-upon-Thames (Redrawn from May 1978, Fig.8-1)

Figure 13: Convex-sided dish with spaced bosses in fine-sanded black Early Saxon fabric with slashed instead of burnished diagonal linear decoration, from Dorchester-upon-Thames (Redrawn from Frere 1964, Fig.13-11)

Figure 14: Convex-sided dish with spaced bosses in sandy oxidised fabric, from Grooms Farm, Frithend, Hampshire (Lyne 1994, Fig.63-E1)


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