We would like to thank the landowners of Star Carr, English Heritage (now Historic England) and Natural England for granting permission to excavate. The excavations at Star Carr have been funded by: European Research Council (POSTGLACIAL project, No. 283938), English Heritage (grant numbers 6793 and 6796), the Vale of Pickering Research Trust, University of Manchester, University of York and University of Chester. We also thank the Social Sciences Research Council of Canada and Santander for funding Shannon Croft. Gilliane Monnier's lithic residue research is supported by National Science Foundation grant BCS-1420702. Shannon Croft would like to thank Amy Myrbo and Kristina Brady, for assistance with the SEM at LacCore: National Lacustrine Core Facility, University of Minnesota.

Thank you to Oliver Craig for assisting with experimental design and offering constructive comments. We are grateful to Andy Needham who knapped the flint flakes used in our experiment and to Harry and Ian Robson for their help in securing the bird, mammal, and fish. Arianwen Rogers helped us with the initial setup and burial of the experiment. We thank Charles Brader for allowing us to bury part of the experiment on the Yorkshire Wolds. We also thank Charlotte Rowley for support with map construction, and Becky Knight, Chantal Conneller, and Barry Taylor for answering queries about the deposits at Star Carr.


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