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Publication in the Digital Age: Call for Contributions!

A feature series of short papers and notes discussing the philosophy of archaeological publication in the digital age is planned for issue 6 of Internet Archaeology. We want you to contribute!

In theory, archaeologists should already be using new media, especially hypertext, to create multiple, non-linear narratives from excavation records on a regular basis but this challenge does not seem to have been taken up by (m)any. Why is this, since the steps we take to reach an archaeological understanding is such an obviously non-linear process?

We have secured 4-5 contributions from archaeologists who have written for the medium to relate their experiences but the resource will not work without your input. We would like to hear how you have adapted to the medium and how it w orks for you. We intend the section to be an oft-updated and growing resource that develops into a truly interactive and valuable starting point for anyone thinking of publishing or archiving their work utilising the electronic medium. Do you have experie nces to share with others? Have you carried out your own experimentations in hypertext? Perhaps you have a response, or counter-response, to what has been written already?

Lined up already for issue 6...

Ian Hodder (Cambridge) on the Catal Hüyük experience
Martin Bell (Reading), Barbara Taylor and Heike Neumann (Lampeter) on developing a computer map and database into multimedia format.
Mark Edmonds and Graham McElearney (Sheffield) on the Gardoms Edge project
Cornelius Holtorf (Lampeter/Göteburg) on his experiences of producing a hyertext doctoral thesis

And as a taster, Powlesland, Clemence and Lyall have started the ball rolling in our current issue with how and why they produced an excavation archive for CD-ROM. Your responses to the ideas in this paper will be published in the next issue *.

We want to hear from you!

Inspired to take up your virtual pen and contribute to the volume? Send it to the editor today. Deadine for submissions is 30th November 1998.

* subject to editorial vetting

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