List of Illustrations and Tables


  1. Site location map
  2. The excavated features
  3. Section across Pit F41, from north-west
  4. The site seen from the south
  5. The probability distributions of the calibrated Fife Ness dates
  6. Extract of the calibration curve (after Stuiver et al 1993). The grey band indicates plus/minus one standard deviation
  7. The lithic assemblage: cores; core tablet scrapers; end scrapers; thumbnail scraper and edge retouched piece
  8. The lithic assemblage: the microliths - crescents, microburins, backed bladelets, fine point and obliquely truncated
  9. The coarse stone tools: the hollowed stone and the faceted hammerstone
  10. Interactive map and database of C14-dated mesolithic settlement sites in Scotland
  11. An artist's reconstruction
  12. An artist's reconstruction


  1. Identified wood species
  2. Uncalibrated radiocarbon dates
  3. A breakdown of the flaked lithic assemblage by type
  4. Distribution of burnt lithics


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