Appendix B

Penelope Allison, Martin Pitts and Sarah Colley

Appendix B1: Fabrics, forms and their abbreviations

Abbreviation/term Term/term elaboration Classification/explanation Reference for form typology, or specific vessel , stamp index General bibliographic reference
Acetabulum (Latin) Vessel form - small bowl (for vinegar or sauce) Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol I.1, 22; Hilgers 1969, 33-34; Dannell 2006, 151-52
ARS African Red Slip Ware Fabric type (see Appendix A) Hayes 1972
BB Black burnished ware Fabric type Gillam 1957; 1976; Holbrook and Bidwell 1991
Bet Terra sigillata form typology (Central Gaulish) Bet et al. 1987
caccabus (Latin) Vessel form - cooking pot Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol I.2, 774-775; Hilgers 1969, 40-41 (& cat. no. 64)
Cam Camulodunum Amphora form typology Hawkes and Hull 1947
CAMP Campanian Black Gloss Ware Fabric type (see Appendix A) Lamboglia 1952; Morel 1981
CAMP-A Campanian A Black Gloss Ware Fabric type (see Appendix A) Lamboglia 1952; Morel 1981
catillus (Latin) Vessel form - open bowl or plate, dimunitive of catinus See Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol I.2, 971-72; Hilgers 1969, 48-49 (& cat. no. 91)
catinulus (Latin) Vessel form - (see catillus) See Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol I.2, 971-972; Hilgers 1969, 48-49 (& cat. no. 91)
Conspectus, Consp. Conspectus Formarium Terrae Sigillatae Italico Modo Confectae Terra sigillata form typology (Italian) Ettlinger et al. 1990
Curle Curle form Terra sigillata form typology Curle 1911
Déch., De. Déchelette form Terra sigillata form typology Déchelette 1904
DICOCER Dictionnaire des Céramiques Antiques en Méditerranée Nord-Occidentale Form typologies and dictionary for pottery from Provence, Languedoc, Ampurdan (esp. Lattara) Py et al. 1993
R form A larger variant of a standard terra sigillata type (i.e. Dr. 18R)
DO Dolium (Latin) Vessel form - large jar See Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol II.1, 332-33; Hilgers 1969, 171-76 (& cat. no. 140)
Drag., Dr. Dragendorff form Terra sigillata form typology Dragendorff 1895
DRES Dressel form Amphora form typology Dressel 1899
Fishbourne Amphora form typology Cunliffe 1971
Gauloise Amphora form typology Laubenheimer 1985; see also Peacock and Williams 1986, 142-43; Tyers 1996, 94-96
Gillam Gillam type-series Coarse ware form typology Gillam 1970
Ha Haltern Terra sigillata form typology (equivalent to Loeschke) Loeschcke 1909
HBW Holwerda Gallo-Belgic form typology for Nijmegen Holwerda 1941
Hermet Hermet form Terra sigillata form typology Hermet 1934
Hisp. Terra sigillata form typology (Spanish) Mezquíriz 1961
Hofheim Terra sigillata form typology (South Gaulish - equivalent to Ritterling) Ritterling 1913
Isings Isings Glass form typology Isings 1957
ITS Italian terra sigillata Terra sigillata fabric type (Italian) Ettlinger et al. 1990
Knorr Knorr form Terra sigillata form typology Knorr 1919
lagoena (Latin) Vessel form - jug Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol III.2, 907-8; Hilgers 1969, 64-65 (& cat. no. 205)
Loes Loeschcke Terra sigillata form typology (see Haltern) Loeschcke 1909
Ludowici Ludowici form Terra sigillata form typology Ludowici 1927 
mastos (Latin) Vessel form - breast-shaped cup Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol III.2, 1625
motto beaker Vessel form - Gallo-Belgic decorated beaker Mudd 2014
NoTS Names on terra sigillata Index of Gallo-Roman terra sigillata/ Samian ware pottery maker's stamps and signatures Hartley and Dickinson 2008-12
olla (Latin) Vessel form - pot or jar Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol IV.1, 171-72; Hilgers 1969, 39 (& cat. no. 43)
paropsis (Latin) Vessel form - small bowl (larger than an acetabulum) Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol IV.1: 337; Hilgers 1969: 33-34 (& cat. no. 275); Dannell 2006, 152
patina (Latin) Vessel form - Flat dish Daremberg and Saglio 1969 Vol IV.1, 341-42; Hilgers 1969, 72-73 (& cat. no. 283)
Ritt. Ritterling Terra sigillata form typology (South Gaulish) Ritterling 1913
St. Stuart Pottery form typology from Nijmegen Stuart 1977a; 1977b
Thin-walled pottery Fabric type (red unslipped) Moevs 1973
TS Terra sigillata
Verhnet Terra sigillata form typology (South Gaulish) Vernhet 1976
Vertault Terra sigillata form typology (South Gaulish) Passela and Vernhet 1993
Walters Terra sigillata form typology Walters 1908

Appendix B2: Other technical terms and abbreviations

Abbreviation/TermTermExplanationReference and URL
annonaThe state supply system for feeding Rome and the frontier armies.
AssizesAssizes (conventus or διοίκησις) were court districts that organised the highest provincial court assemblies over which the governor presided. They functioned as administrative units and organised the legal proceedings in the provinces. For the province of Asia, these assizes are well recorded through Pliny's Natural History and an inscription from Ephesos listing the assizes and assigned communities.
CA Correspondence Analysis A form of multivariate analysis well suited to the comparison of the contents of multiple finds assemblages, typically arranged in a contingency table with quantitative data laid-out in rows (e.g. for different assemblages) and columns (e.g. for different pottery types). The results tend to be expressed in one or two scatter plots, which highlight the statistical correspondences (variously) between objects and objects, objects and assemblages, and assemblages and assemblages.
CIDOC-CRM International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC), Conceptual Reference Model (CRM)Provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation. Intended to promote a shared understanding of cultural heritage information by providing a common and extensible semantic framework that any cultural heritage information can be mapped to.
CIL Corpus Latinarum Inscriptionum Latin inscriptions from the entire area of the former Roman empire, arranged by region and by inscription-type. Since its foundation by Theodor Mommsen in 1853 it has been the standard edition of the epigraphic legacy of ancient Rome. CIL Corpus Inscriptorum Latinarum 1883-1966, Berlin: Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
CNNs Convolutional Neural Networks In machine learning, a type of feed-forward artificial neural network that has proven value in analysing visual imagery
EVE Estimated Vessel Equivalent A method of quantifying pottery according to measurable proportions of surviving pottery fragments (typically on the basis of the percentage of a surviving rim sherd).
GUI Graphic User Interface A design feature that allows users to interact with electronic devices through visual icons
ICRATES Inventory of Crafts and Trade in the Roman East Database of information about distribution patterns of major wares found in the Roman East during the Late Hellenistic and Early Imperial period (e.g. Eastern Sigillata A, B, C and D and Italian terra sigillata) Bes and Poblome 2008
MNI Minimum Number of Individuals
MOLA Museum of London
MySQL An open source RDB management system which is a central component of the open-source web application software stack LAMP.
OntDB Ontology-based databases
OWL Web Ontology Language
RDB Relational databases
RDBMS Relational database management systems
RDF Resource Description Framework A standard model for data interchange on the Web for describing entities, so that they are uniquely described and also machine readable.
RGZM Database Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz Database An online database of terra sigillata stamps
RTI Reflectance Transformative Imaging A digital method used to take enhanced images of objects, creating virtual three-dimensional digital surrogates
SPARQL SPARQL An SQL-like query language for querying RDFs
SQL Structured Query Language
Tab. Vindol. Vindolanda Tablets Online
Trituration Methods used to process materials by e.g. grinding down or mixing components
Trituration grit Coarse inclusions, often mineral, protruding from a vessel's internal surface. It serves to roughen the surface to facilitate grinding and mixing with a pestle or similar device.
Volatility For differential access to market, fluctuations in supply/deposition, or socio-cultural factors affecting the uptake of Gaulish terra sigillata between two given localities. Used in stock exchange values
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
yEd yEd A graphics editing tool


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