9.2 The Bird and Fish Bones by Sheila Hamilton-Dyer

9.2.1 Introduction

An unusually large quantity of fish and bird bones were recovered from the 1994 excavation. Fish bones from the 1980-1 excavation were not studied and therefore do not appear in these reports. Most are from hand recovery but there is also material from bulk sieved samples. Species identifications were made using the modern comparative collections of the author. The archive (held by Aberdeen City Council) lists details of finds in order of area, context, species and anatomical region. The archive also gives further information not in the text. Measurements are in millimetres and follow the methods of von den Driesch (1976) for birds and Morales and Rosenlund (1979) for fish. The fish bones were also compared with modern specimens of known size. The complete species list and codes used in the archive are given in Table 84. In the distribution tables material from the church (Trench H) is listed separately.


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