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Find typeBurial
Secondary find type
Generic groupingBurial
LayerA700, A761
Burial numberSK 221
Skeleton no.SK 221
Age categoryOA
Age years60+ years
Stature in cm
PathologySeveral areas of roughening of muscle attachments (ischial tuberosity, iliac crest, radial tuberosity, brachialis insertion of ulna, proximal femur, patella ligament insertion on patella, soleus of tibia); cystic lesions of carpals, metacarpals and medial malleous of tibia; healed fracture of proximal facet of left first metacarpal; vertebral changes similar to ankylosing spondylitis/DISH between first and tenth thoracic vertebrae, most lesions being on the R of the anterior aspect of the bodies with fusion between eighth and tenth vertebrae and incipient fusion of others. Probably represent degenerative joint disease associated with old age (70-80 years).
NotesLight and gracile skeleton


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