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Figure 1: From the ancient Greek 'drinking party' symposia to your modern-day research (and drinking) symposia, part of the 100 Minories project. © Copyright L-P: Archaeology 2014-2015 | Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License]

Figure 2: From planning application to museum archive

Figure 3: Roman Rural Settlement Project. All records for England and Wales (University of Reading and Archaeology Data Service)

Figure 4: Geographical position of the five archaeological sites investigated. Green dots indicate the sites. Also indicated are two likely independent infection routes (black and red dotted arrows) for the spread of the Black Death (1347-1353) after Benedictow From Haensch et al. 2010

Figure 5: Museum stores — what's going, what's coming out?

Figure 6: Potential for cross-sector working in archaeology


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