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The State of the Art of Digital Archiving for Archaeology in Cyprus

Valentina Vassallo, Luciarita Nunziata, Maria Makri, Aspasia Soula Georgiadou and Sorin Hermon

Cite this as: Vassallo, V., Nunziata, L., Makri, M., Georgiadou, A.S., Hermon, S. 2023 The State of the Art of Digital Archiving for Archaeology in Cyprus, Internet Archaeology 63.


This article presents the current state of the art regarding digital archiving for archaeology in Cyprus. The analysis of the current European situation shows that various countries have reached diverse levels of digitisation concerning archaeology and have different ways of dealing with digital archiving. These differences depend on several factors, such as the presence or lack of expertise, information regarding the procedure, and availability of funding, as well as the history of archaeology of the country. The current contribution analyses the Cypriot state of the art of digital archiving for archaeology in the broader context of the digital transformation era, which drives all major changes and strategies in various sectors of society at both national and international level. This article describes the archaeological background of Cyprus, its peculiarity and challenges and how these elements shape the digital management of the field. The article also presents the main actors involved in archival digitisation and the most relevant digital archaeological repositories, underlining innovative approaches and current gaps. Finally, it addresses the future directions of digital archiving for archaeology in Cyprus.

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  • Keywords: Cypriot archaeology, digital archiving, digital archaeology, Cyprus, digital legacy, digital transformation
  • Accepted: 1 Nov 2022. Published: 21 Aug 2023
  • Funding: This article was funded by SEADDA as part of COST Action 18128, Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union
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Corresponding author: Valentina VassalloORCID logo
The Cyprus Institute
Science and Technology for Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC)

Luciarita NunziataORCID logo The Cyprus Institute
Science and Technology for Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC)

Maria Makri
Department of Antiquities, Deputy Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus

Aspasia Soula GeorgiadouORCID logo
Department of Antiquities, Deputy Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus

Sorin HermonORCID logo
The Cyprus Institute
Science and Technology for Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC)

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