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New Challenges: Archaeological heritage management and the archaeology of the 18th to 20th centuries. Foreword

Alex Hale and Thomas Kersting

Cite this as: Hale, A. and Kersting, T. 2024 New Challenges: Archaeological heritage management and the archaeology of the 18th to 20th centuries. Foreword, Internet Archaeology 66.


Opening of the EAC conference
Opening of the 2023 EAC conference

In many places across Europe, it has long been common practice to protect, preserve and research monuments of the recent past. The many ways to approach archaeologies of the near present and recent past creates both a challenge and an opportunity for archaeological heritage management, and were considered in a number of papers from the 2023 EAC symposium and are now published here.

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  • Keywords: archaeology, modern times, heritage protection management, challenges and choices, Holocaust approaches, interdisciplinary practice, significance and value
  • Accepted: 31 Oct 2023. Published: 21 March 2024
  • Funding: The publication of this article is funded by the European Archaeological Council.
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Corresponding author: Alex HaleORCID logo
Historic Environment Scotland

Thomas KerstingORCID logo
Brandenburgisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Arch√§ologisches Landesmuseum (retired)

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Figure 1: Opening of the Conference, Greeting Address by Prof. M. Rind (Image credit: T. Kersting)

Figure 2: Closing remarks and acknowledgements by Ann Degraeve and photograph of all participants. Image credit: T. Kersting

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