BCal:  an on-line Bayesian radiocarbon calibration tool

Caitlin E. Buck1, J. Andrés Christen2 and Gary N. James3

1 Formerly School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University, Cardiff. CF1 3XU
Now at Dept of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield, Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, Sheffield. S3 7RH
2 Insituto de Matematicas, Unidad Morelia, UNAM, Nicolas Romero 150, 58000 Morelia Mich., México, Phone +52 43 138364, Fax + 52 43 120448,
3 School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University, PO BOX 909, Cardiff. CF1 3XU, United Kingdom. Phone + 44 1222 876103, Fax +44 1222 874929.
Caitlin E. Buck: c.e.buck@sheffield.ac.uk, J. Andrés Christen: jac@matem.unam.mx, Gary N. James: JamesGN@cardiff.ac.uk


In this paper we describe newly launched software for on-line Bayesian calibration of archaeological radiocarbon determinations.  The software is known as BCal and we invite members of the world-wide archaeological research community to use it should they so wish.  All that is required to gain access to the software is a computer connected to the Internet with a modern World-wide Web browser (of the sort you are probably using to read this).  BCal does not require access to any additional 'Plug-ins' on your machine.  Since the computations needed to obtain the calibrations are undertaken on the BCal server, if you have enough computer power to run your World-wide Web browser you have enough power to use BCal.

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