1.0 Introduction

The fish remains discussed in this paper originated from two sites excavated behind the present Quayside at Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The excavations took place in 1984-5 and 1985-6 and the sites are known as Queen Street (A) and Crown Court (B) respectively (see Figure 1).

Reclaimed land
A Queen Street
B Crown Court

location map
Figure 1: Newcastle quayside - site locations

Both sites revealed evidence of medieval buildings and dumping to reclaim the riverfront in the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries (O'Brien et al. 1988; 1989). Most of the fish remains originated from the organically rich dumping horizons and from accumulations of ashy material on streets and floors. The assemblages have been studied individually (Nicholson 1988; 1989), but as the sites were similar in date and produced similar groups of fish bones the assemblages are discussed together for the purpose of this paper.


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