10.2 The completed VRML model

To view the completed model of Sen-nedjem's tomb you will need a browser that supports VRML (Netscape recommended), and have installed the CosmoPlayer 2.1 Plugin. This can be obtained from Silicon Graphics if you are using Irix or from Silicon Graphics' CosmoSoftware arm or Platinum if you are using Windows or Mac. It may be quicker and easier to download from Netscape Plugins. Note that Silicon Graphics are no longer developing VRML and Cosmo software, and so it may be difficult for you to get the download either from their site, or even, in future, from Netscape. There are, however, plenty of individuals on the web who have a copy of CosmoPlayer 2.1 on their websites for download.

If you cannot find the plugin, there is a copy of CosmoPlayer 2.1 for Windows 95/98 available from here (3,235 KB).

Internet Explorer Users: Microsoft products did not initially support VRML at all (they had set up their own and totally different alternative called Liquid Motion), so early IE browsers will not run the model. However, later versions of Internet Explorer (4 onwards) now have their own VRML-supported viewer (see but also support the Cosmo plugin, so the model should still work. However functionality using either may still be erratic. Ultimately the model will work best with Netscape.

Follow these instructions to view the model:

Many users experienced problems with the tools provided by CosmoPlayer: it can be quite difficult to navigate around a scene. If you have problems please don't be disheartened, it's all part of the experience provided by the model and system.

Choose a model from these below:

WARNING! Depending on your computer, the models may take a long time to download (you will require 16Mb of RAM although it may be possible to get by with 8Mb). Pentium or PowerPC class machines and 3D graphics cards are recommended. To improve the response speed, try making the VRML browser's window smaller.

Editor's Note: A clickable interface to access the individual wrl files has been created. This may be of use if you do not have lots of memory. Although VRML plugins other than Cosmo do not load the full model, a few have been successful in loading and running these individual files.


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