Pre-Pottery Neolithic Clay Figurines from Nevali Çori, Turkey

Maria Thaís Crepaldi Affonso1 and Ernst Pernicka2

1Rua Jambo 341, 06700-000 Cotia-S.P., Brazil.
2Lehrstuhl für Archaeometallurgie, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Gustav-Zeuner-Strasse 5, D-09596, Freiberg, Germany.
Maria Thaís Crepaldi Affonso, Ernst Pernicka

Cite this as: Affonso, M.T.C. and Pernicka, E. 2000 Pre-Pottery Neolithic Clay Figurines from Nevali Çori, Turkey, Internet Archaeology 9.


A mineralogical and chemical study of clay figurines excavated in Turkey is presented with the aim of characterising the raw materials used and to suggest possible provenances. These figurines may be amongst the earliest examples of fired clay, and the suggestion of the use of pyrotechnology to harden the clay is investigated.

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