1.0 Introduction

This study is part of the Canaanite Amphorae Project which examines the contexts, fabrics, contents and inscriptions on jars imported into New Kingdom Egypt. Ceramic petrography has been used to refine the visual classification, create a concordance between sites and suggest provenances for five fabric groups.

A broad line of shape development has already been established (Leonard 1996) but only site specific and largely unpublished investigations of fabrics have been carried out so far.

Funding comes from the Egypt Exploration Society, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Wainwright Fund, British Academy and Society of Antiquaries of London. Collaborators on residue analysis are C. Heron and B. Stern of the University of Bradford, and for the provenance study, Y. Goren of the University of Tel Aviv, J. Bunbury of Cambridge University and P. Nicholson of Cardiff University. Samples were obtained by permission of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, Egypt, Israel Antiquities Authority and Department of Near Eastern Antiquities, the Louvre, Paris.


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