The project was developed as a collaboration between British and Portuguese archaeologists under the joint direction of Martin Millett and Francisco Queiroga. Initial funding was provided by the British Council, the University of Durham, Universidade Fernanado Pessõa, Porto and the Society of Antiquaries of London. The principal sources of funding after the first year were the British Academy (latterly through its Humanities Research Board) and the Portuguese Heritage Service. Additional support for the pottery research was provided by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies. Work on the preparation of this paper for publication has been supported by the University of Southampton. Support for the project was also kindly provided by Graeme Barker and Simon Keay, who acted as referees for numerous grant applications.

The project team included the following: Jonathan Berry, Ed Eastaugh, Clare Ellis, Catriona Gibson, Katie Hirst, John Pearce, Kathryn Pratt, René Rodgers, Joanna Santos Silva, Sarah Scott, Jo Story, Kris Strutt, Hugh Willmott, Steven Willis and Sally Worrell. Domestic arrangements, logistical support and a wide variety of other duties were undertaken by Mary and Tony Morse, without whom the project would not have been possible.

Much help was provided in Portugal by a variety of people. We would particularly like to thank the staff of the Archaeology Office at Vila Nova de Famalicão and Manuela Martins, Manuela Delgado, Rui Morais and Helena Carvalho for their help with the study of the pottery from the region. Oliver Jessop kindly prepared the pottery drawings published here from pencil originals made by various members of the team in Portugal.


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