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All the following data sets have been made available through Internet Archaeology for query online (many are interconnected so that you do not need to keep returning to this page). Some basic help on searching the data online has been provided, and tips on searching have also been inserted by individual search boxes in the query forms.

All of this data (as well as the underlying geospatial data) can also be downloaded (as comma delimited text files) for import into your own database and GIS software from the digital archive of this publication available via the ADS website.

Data set
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Data DescriptionNumber of records
First walk 
Known locations prior to surveyAttribute data for known settlement locations excluding settlements identified during the course of fieldwork. Map search.61 records
Fieldwalking recordDetails relating to the conditions under which individual fields were walked. Map search.855 records
Geophysical survey detailsWith links to images17 records
Quantities of pottery Pottery quantities per field, broken down by fabric - first walk only.855 records
Pottery detailsDetailed pottery attributes (core dataset) - first walk only.5537 records
(9871 sherds)
Pottery from 823aPottery from pit disturbance close to Field 823 - not in core pottery dataset.38 records
Pottery collected from Terroso castroNot in main pottery dataset.5 records
Pottery quantities per hectareGrouped by fabric. 855 records
Quantities of brickFirst walk only.12 records
Quantities of tileQuantities tile fabrics per field - first walk only. 855 records
Tile detailsDiagnostic info on individual tile fragments - first walk only. 923 records
Tile quantities per hectare Grouped by fabric.855 records
New Sites 
Newly-identified site locationsNew sites identified by ceramic densities. Map search.48 records
New Site detailsAttribute data for settlement locations derived from ceramic densities in the GIS.48 records
Field groupsNew site locations (derived from ceramic densities) with their related field numbers. 855 records
New Roman sitesNew Roman sites (derived from ceramic densities) and their status as likely or potential sites.45 records
New Iron Age sitesNew IA sites (derived from ceramic densities) and their status as likely or potential sites.27 records
Second walk 
Pottery collected during second walkNot used to identify new site locations.124 records
Tile collected during second walkNot used to identify new site locations.10 records
Fabrics identified 
Pottery fabric listComplete set of identified pottery fabrics.68 records
Tile fabric listComplete set of identified tile fabrics.22 records

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Compiled by Judith Winters

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