3.1. The Jordanhill Cross - Govan Old Parish Church

Figure 10: The Govan Cross (Fig. 4), used as an example in this paper, is typical of the artefacts that the SEMMS project intends to deal with. It is a cross-shaft, tentatively dated to the 10th or 11th century (Fisher 1994, 47), missing its head and base and removed from its original context in Govan churchyard. It now stands inside the building of Govan Old Parish Church in Glasgow, but was for many years in private hands at Jordanhill, and is often referred to as the Jordanhill Cross (Davidson Kelly 1994, 15-16).

This model was generated from a photomodeler composite image using several two-dimensional photographs. The base and top of the model have been 'filled' in order to give the impression of solidity.

The base images were captured by Andrew Mardon during MSc study at the University of Glasgow.


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