5.3 Subset Selection

Given an entity set, a user may be interested in choosing members of this set that satisfy certain criteria, an operation commonly referred to as selection. Our system can select elements based either on values of their attributes, or on relationships in which they participate. We use the richer Memphis dataset (Giddy 1999) for the example in this section. Say that we wish to retrieve all tweezer.gifCosmetic Tweezers with pointed jaw shape. We start by pressing the buttonfind.gif find button next to the entity set that we wish to query, and proceed through a sequence of steps illustrated below.

Figure 9. Subset selection: choosing initial entity set

Figure 10. Subset selection: choosing the attribute

Figure 11. Subset selection: choosing attribute value

Figure 12. Subset selection: inspecting and saving query

Our query returned and entity set of 7 tweezer.gifCosmetic Tweezers. The user may choose to save this new entity set for future reference and subsequent queries.


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