List of Figures

Figure 1: Palaeoecological zones of the Scheldt basin

Figure 2: Malyi Iugan Hunting Territories (from Jordan 2003, 251)

Figure 3: Paardsdrank (above; from Weelde-'Paardsdrank' - Huyge and Vermeersch 1982) and Ruiterskuil (below; from Opglabbeek-'Ruiterskuil' - from Vermeersch et al. 1974) assemblage types

Figure 4: Material culture indications of social territories encompassing the Scheldt basin, as indicated by bone and antler points 11000-8500 BP (from Verhart 1990), Wommersom Quartzite (from Gendel 1984; Perdaen et al. in press), right lateralisation of trapezes (from Gendel 1987), and Swifterbant sites.

Figure 5: Early and Middle Neolithic site distributions throughout the Scheldt basin (after Crombé and Vanmontfort 2007)

Figure 6: LBK enclosures, significant LBK/Blicquy isolated scatter concentrations, and isolated LBK/Blicquy scatters outside the loess region (after Jadin and Hauzeur 2003)


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