5.6 Sub-phase 17 (maroon; Figs 36-37)

Figure 36 Figure 37
Figure 36: The East Field at Isthmia, Sub-Phase 17, Plan and Harris Matrix.
Figure 37: he East Field at Isthmia, Sub-Phase 17, Model.

The two final construction events (maroon walls), the last that are attested in the surviving remains and the excavation records, demonstrate that the alignment of buildings from the three previous phases was abandoned. Whether this was a conscious decision or not remains unknown. As with so many of our questions for this final period, much information has been lost through the plough and also through natural erosion since their excavation nearly 40 years ago (Figure 38).

Figure 38
Figure 38: The East Field at Isthmia, poorly preserved remains of a wall from the final surviving phase.


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