3.3 On-site survey

The recording of information on each property took place during repeated field research during the summers of 2000-2004. Wherever possible, the extant structure of each room of every property in the study was investigated. The sets of data about these spaces were entered into the database, grouped under fixtures, structure and space, and decoration.

3.3.1 Fixtures

The fixtures included counters, hearths, storage provisions, lararia and other ritual fixtures, latrines and any other remains of a fixture or installation. The quantity of each fixture was recorded, together with their location within the property. The materials used in the construction and revetment, if remaining, were described, as was the current state of preservation. The general shape and form of each fixture was assessed. For the counters and lararia this included taking measurements for spatial and comparative analyses. Any decoration, inscription or other noteworthy detail was included in the overall description of each feature.


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