1.1 Article Structure

This article summarises the IoAE reports that form the bulk of the digital archive, together with various specialist reports.

The overview for each site provides maps that allows the general reader, who may not be familiar with the topography of Azerbaijan, to understand the sites and other references. A common set of interpretation drawings for each site is also provided that can be used to understand the largely text-based IoAE excavation reports. The article uses a period-based approach that selects the common elements where they occur in each site and allows the reader to follow those aspects of most interest to them.

The IoAE reports in the digital archive were originally written in a formally structured way that has created, in many cases, a large and unwieldy report in digital format. The reports have been left in the original translated English text and given a degree of formatting and correction of English before converting to PDF format for deposition. The only exceptions to this structure are the 272 Borsunlu and 356 Zayamchai reports that were prepared before this structure was agreed. The Borsunlu section in the archive contains a report written by David Maynard in 2002 and an IoAE report prepared at the same time. The Zayamchai report is a much larger, descriptive, report prepared in 2004 and without benefit of the radiocarbon dates and information from other sites subsequently excavated during the project. It was never fully translated and is not available.

All the specialist reports are included in their entirety within the digital archive.


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