1.2 Numbering and Naming of Sites

All the sites used the pipeline kilometre point (Kp) numbering structure during fieldwork. The Kp numbers have become less important over time, but are retained here to avoid confusion. Table 1 lists all the sites by Kp and site name with summaries of periods represented.

Site names

Some local names were used during fieldwork, but post-fieldwork, all the sites were given an appropriate site name that was then used consistently in the literature. Attempts have been made to use a common spelling, but it is likely that some variants may be encountered (e.g. Fakhrali/Faxrali and Amirakh/Amirarx). It is hoped that these do not lead to any confusion.

The excavation dates for the various sites are given below, together with the responsible personnel. Links point to holdings in the digital archive.


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