5.0 Antique Period

It is understood by the Azerbaijan archaeological establishment that while prehistoric settlements of different periods are found on the same locations, Antique-period occupation debris is always found in fresh, unused locations. The results from this project do not contradict that understanding. Most sites of this period are represented by numerous burials within large jars. Settlement evidence was found in a number of locations, some of which are surface evidence from locations away from the pipeline route.


Agdash | Lak I | Lak II | Hajialili I | Seyidlar II | Garajamirli I | Chaparli | Zayamchai Catacomb | Girag Kasaman II

Burial/Cemetery sites

Agdash | Amirakh | Samedabad | Samirabad | Nematabad | Yaldili | Borsunlu | Seyidlar | Girag Kasaman II | Poylu II | Poylu I

Antique Period sites - clickable map

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