5. Acknowledgements

Illustrations were prepared by Julianne Snider, Scientific Illustrator, Paleontology Section, Illinois State Museum.

I thank Cricket Kelly, faunal analyst for the FAI-270 project, for bringing me her "mystery" bones. At that time, the museum had no redear specimens. After several months of periodically looking in every specimen box, reading icthyological literature, and cogitating, I finally ventured to identify Cricket's puzzlers as redear.

Darcy Morey and friends at the University of Tennessee acquired much-needed redear specimens for the Illinois State Museum. Critical comments were offered by Bonnie W. Styles, of the Illinois State Museum, and by John E. Kelly, a Site Director for the FAI-270 Project. The FAI-270 Project of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, sponsored by the Illinois Department of Transportation and the US Department of the Interior, allowed the use of the archaeological specimens referred to in this paper.


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