List of Tables

Table 2.1 Summary of areas excavated each season

Table 2.2 Quantification table of primary records

Table 3.1 Summary totals of principal object types by material

Table 3.2  Summary of context records by period and general class as recorded in the field

Table 4.1 Summarised results from plant macrofossil assessment samples

Table 4.2 Charcoal: principal taxa present

Table 4.3 Animal bones frequency by area Sites 2 and 11

Table 4.4 Animal bone. Mammal Zones frequency by context period

Table 4.5 Animal bone frequency by period and context type

Table 4.6 Animal bone: recovery of phalanges by area and method

Table 4.7. The proportion of samples per feature type

Table 4.8. West Heslerton soils 1986-1992: Micro-morphology samples

Table 4.9. Soil micro-morphology: West Heslerton 1986-1992: Soil grain size analyses

Table 4.10. Soil micro-morphology: West Heslerton soils 1986-1992: Soil chemistry and magnetic susceptibility

Table 4.11. Soil micro-morphology list of 1995 soil samples

Table 4.12. Soil micro-morphology: Chemical and geophysical signatures of four Saxon soil samples

Table 4.13 Chronological and stylistic groups present

Table 4.14 Fabric classification of the sampled sherds

Table 4.15 Petrological analysis


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