One early decision was to develop a 'participants' section of the web site. This section now includes short biographies of academics, students, family members and other participants, as well as links to information they wish to put on the site under their own names. Whenever possible, these biographies are written by the individual participants. These participant pages are not organised according to roles that each individual has - community members are listed alongside archaeologists, for example. We hope that this reinforces our effort to de-centre the authority of academic 'project leaders'.

Sometimes project participants have used these pages to publicise information about their own activities. Our collaborators provide us with certain information, and the web site provides them with publicity for certain individual 'causes'. This highlights our aim for contextuality as well as our collaborative approach - our agendas merge in mutually empowering, reciprocal ways and the web site project is firmly situated within the social context of the local community, even though it is accessible to people all over the world.

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