Internet Archaeology Archive: Subscriptions to Internet Archaeology: phase I announcement

8th March 2000

Since 1996, access to Internet Archaeology has been free to anyone with an Internet connection, with running costs being borne by the `eLib programme'.

However, as many of you are aware, this revenue source finally runs out without chance of renewal in 2001, and the journal's Steering Committee recently took the decision to start charging for institutional access. I can now confirm that the first phase of this will begin in April 2000. From that time, members of UK universities will no longer be able to access the journal unless their institution has paid a subscription (exact date still to be confirmed).

PLEASE NOTE: this first phase of subscriptions will affect UK HE establishments only i.e. those of you who will access the journal from an * domain. All other journal users will NOT be affected at this time.

UK University librarians and Archaeology Departments have been informed of this imminent change in access, and subscription forms are being prepared to be sent out within the next couple of weeks. We hope that as regular users of the journal, you will encourage your institution or department to take out a subscription to Internet Archaeology on your behalf.

The cost of an annual subscription for the year 2000 will be 100 (+VAT), which will provide everyone from your domain with seamless access to two issues a year (Issues 8 and 9 in 2000). Those UK institutions which take out a subscription will be allowed in via IP control and/or ATHENS user-names (the national database of user-names and passwords to control access to a wide range of national electronic resources. Obtain further details from your librarian). Access to back issues 2-7 will be included in this year's price. Issue 1 will remain freely available to everyone.

Note that a subscription will buy permanent access to the subscription year, and that arrangements have been made to archive the journal with the Archaeology Data Service.

Since so many UK universities already use Internet Archaeology regularly (see our access stats for a summary of hits from institutions during the last 12 months), we hope that your University will subscribe.

Further information regarding access and subscriptions, as well as order forms to pass to your librarians or department reps, will be made in due course from this webpage. Announcements will also be made via the intarch-interest email list.

Judith Winters
Internet Archaeology


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